a crochet dishcloth (or the perfect sofa moment)



Joanna Heptinstall shares her secret for relaxation
The funny thing about being Someone Who Works With Her Hands is that, when the day is done, if there is a teeny bit of time left over it’s almost impossible to sit and ‘do nothing’. Watching tv is not remotely relaxing on its own. For full sofa contentment there has to be some form of crafty busy-ness. Unfortunately the enjoyable embellishment of lovely ladies’ lampshades is too tricky for a sofa moment (http://www.thetraditionalupholsterystudio.co.uk/lampshade-gallery.html see here for why)… and anyway no Upholsteress would attempt ‘proper work’ unless in the workroom wearing apron and business-like attitude.
The ideal Sofa Moment involves a creative task that can be done without making a big noise, getting up and down, thinking too hard or following a tricky pattern. It also needs to be finish-able quickly as a sense of achievement is paramount for contentment. I believe I have finally found the perfect Sofa Moment project.
Here is…The Crochet Dishcloth.
Find out how to make your Perfect Sofa Moment – read more.


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