Easy Aida Band Bracelet

Susan Penny shows you how to make this pretty cross stitched ice cream bracelet with simple chart and instructions, first choose your...
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Knit an iced cupcake

A truly vintage pig

Painted Fir Cones

Editor’s Weekend Tip No 1

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Recycled Christmas Crackers

Susan Penny shows you how to turn some scraps into miniature crackers If your drawers are full of brown paper grocery bags, then this Christmas...

Drumming up a knitted Christmas

Susan Penny shows you how to make these simple knitted Christmas drum decorations. These delightful knitted drums were inspired by the Christmas rhyme ‘On the...

Margarine for the quintessential 60s housewife

  Susan Penny reflects on her childhood baking experiences My first ever sponge cake was made for a Stork margarine/ MacDougall’s flour baking competition at school....

Editor’s Weekend Tip No 1

Susan Penny picks up some cones and a bargain With the weather forecast looking good this weekend, now might be a good time to take...

Stitch Papercut Hearts

When I visited Odense in Denmark a few years ago, I was inspired by the wonderful papercuts by the writer Hans Christian Anderson. It...

Christmas Candy Canes

Every year, when the first striped, sugary candy canes appear in the shops, I think of Christmases past. Fun filled times spent in New...

Knit for Victory

  Knit for Victory is a non-competitive vintage knitting challenge, which started on November 4th, and runs through until January 31st, 2014. You can make anything you...

Newbie Denman tutor Joanna Heptinstall joins Mary Berry, Linda Barker and May Martin at WI HQ

You know how autumn has that tingling anticipation? New term, new school shoes, new timetable… As October approached, I was ticking off days before...