Hair Bobble Stocking Fillers

Bobbles 2

Finding nice stocking fillers without spending a fortune can be difficult, so I set about designing a set of hair bobbles that are purse-friendly. The bobbles can be made in any colour, using scraps of felt left over from larger projects. They are simple to stitch and each one can easily be completed in an evening. Designed by Susan Penny.


Materials for this project:
Scraps of red, green and white felt (or colours of your choice)
Embroidery thread in toning colours (I used DMC Perle 5 but you could use any fine crochet cotton or embroidery thread)
Stretchy hair bands
Red ribbon
Buttons and bells
Toy stuffing
FREE downloaded patterns – full instructions also included

This is what you do:
1 Download the boot, boot cuff, heart and star pattern. Cut out the paper shapes, pin them onto felt, and cut out two sets of each.

2  To make the star, place the two felt shapes together and using buttonhole stitch, work around the edge of the star, leaving a gap. Do not finish off the thread end but leave it attached while you stuff the star carefully, getting right into the points. Continue with the buttonhole stitch, closing the gap. Finish the thread end with a few neat stitches.

3  Stitch a bow made from embroidery thread onto the centre of the star, then a bell attached to a length of thread, and finally a button. Place a stretchy hair band onto the centre back of the star and then stitch over and over the band until it is tightly fixed to the felt.

4  The heart is made in the same way as the star, stitching a button onto the centre front of the heart.

5  The boot is made in two halves, stitching the bottom section first – this should be stuffed from the top edge. Stitch the boot cuff pieces together on three edges, leaving the bottom open. Stuff as before, and then slip the cuff over the boot. Hold in place with pins, and then make a row of running stitches around the bottom edge of the cuff to hold it in place.

6  Make a bow with red ribbon and attached it to the back of the cuff, adding a loop of ribbon with the bell attached. Stitch the hair band securely to the back of the boot.