Perfect Plum Chutney

Make some sweet Plum Chutney

I really enjoy eating left-overs on Boxing Day. After the run-up to Christmas and then cooking for the big day itself, somehow a chance to just take things out of the fridge has always appealed. Pickles are an important part of that meal, and so in late summer and early autumn I make sure I have plenty of chutney, beetroot, onions and piccalilli, bottled ready for the mid-winter festivities. This wonderfully sweet plum chutney, slightly spicy and full of summer goodness is great with cheese and crackers. It’s so yummy, that you may have to hide a jar at the back of the larder for Boxing Day, adding a fruity zing to the cold ham and bubble ‘n’ squeak.
Find out how to make this delicious chutney here


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