Handmade beaded key rings – great teacher gifts

When last week of term fell on a deadline, I completely forget I needed to shop for teacher’s presents. I decided to explore the possibility of each child making something original…how many bath sets, vases of flowers or bottles of wine can one teacher need! This led me in to thinking that maybe homemade was not a good idea because my children, ever enthusiastic but still children, would be challenged to produce something that I would be happy to give, bearing in mind their teachers had been subjected to a year of their paintings, drawings and wonderfully creative models. So, what could they create that would be different and possible, given their ages? After scrabbling around in my supplies cupboard for inspiration, I found a box of large-eyed beads that had been hiding at the back, gathering dust for more years that I care to say. Somehow, they had never quite found their way into a project: too large for needlework and jewellery making, and not quite right for just about everything else, although I had used a few wooden ones as peg doll heads last year. I always knew that one day they would be useful…and today was that very day!
KeyringpartsArmed with my beads, split rings, and lengths of faux suede I set about creating these useful beaded key rings. To start you need to fold the string, suede, cord or whatever you are using in half, then slip the folded end though the ring and back through the loop to secure. Next, thread on the beads…I found it easier to push both ends of the cord through the bead at the same time. Finally, tie a knot to hold the beads tightly against the ring. You can also tie knots in the tail ends, or thread on smaller beads and then hold in place with a knot. I am delighted with the result, and completely confident that all my children’s teachers will be receiving a handmade gift this year. Just a thought: if your kids happen to go to the same school as mine, then give the bath set, flowers, or wine again, please!