This cute little stitched key fob project is a great first project to make with the kids, as it only uses a simple running stitch.
designed by Susan Penny

I wanted to design something that our youngest daughter could make and give her dad on Valentine’s Day. I have never really been into mass-produced cards, and have always felt that something hand-crafted, even if a few scribbles on a scrap of paper, is more of a treasure than something shop-bought. My love of stitching came from my mum’s patient teaching, and I now try to encourage my own children in the same way. Stitching from an early age will give children skills that will last a lifetime, but it is important that the projects they tackle are at the correct skill level for the child’s ability or they will get frustrated and give in before anything has been achieved. So, this pretty little key fob will be stitched again, with my help, by our youngest, hopefully giving her a sense of achievement and a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

You will need:
Green felt or blanketing for the heart x 2 pieces 12cm x 11cm (5in x 4 1/2in)
Felt or blanketing for the heart decoration 9cm x 8.5cm (3 1/2in x 3 1/2in)
Red embroidery thread or stranded cotton
Red button
Embroidery thread or crochet cotton
Small amount of stuffing – cut up material, old tights or similar
Pinking shears
Hanger loop and split pin or key ring

This is what you do:
1  To make the heart, download, print and then cut out the pattern for the heart front and back A and smaller decorative heart B. Place the pattern piece A on the fabric, secure with pins and then draw around the edge with a ball-point pen. Using pinking shears cut out the heart shape from the fabric, cutting right on the pen line. Repeat making a second fabric heart. Cut out the smaller decorative heart pattern B, in the same way, using a different coloured felt or blanketing.

2  Place the smaller fabric heart on the heart front and using embroidery thread or stranded cotton stitch around the edge using large running stitches – keep the length of the stitches and gaps even. Position a button onto the centre of the heart and sew securely in place.

3  Sew a hanger and split pin or key ring assembly securely to the heart back, on the inside, and at the top of the heart.

4  Place the front and back of the heart together, right sides facing out, and using embroidery thread, secure the heart layers together with large running stitches, but leaving a small gap for stuffing. Do not cut the embroidery thread, but leave it dangling while you stuff the heart. Continue stitching to close the gag at the side, and finish off the thread with a few neat stitches.

TIP – try to keep the length of the stitches and gaps even, so that the stuffing does not pop out at the edges.