This pretty apron is made from a vintage t-towel and handkerchief, both from the 1950s. If you haven’t got an old t-towel then a new one would work just as well, or even a length of fabric from your scrap bag.

by Susan Penny

You will need:
Linen t-towel
Material for the apron ties


1  If you are using a vintage t-towel and handkerchief and they are soiled, launder using a stain remover and whitener. Press well, although you may be unable to remove the fold lines, but this will add to the charm of using old fabric. On the long edge of the t-towel make four folds across the top, so that it fits your waist – the t-towel edges should be slightly towards your back. Pin, tack then machine stitch each fold, with two rows of stitching slightly apart – these should be approximately 7cm (2 3/4in) long. Press.

2  Pin, tack then machine stitch the handkerchief to the apron front – position the pocket wherever it feels comfortable for you. On my apron it is attached to the bottom right.

3  From toning fabric cut two ties, each measuring 13cm (5in) x long enough to go once around your waist. If you would prefer longer or wider ties cut the fabric accordingly. Fold each in half on the long side, right sides together, then pin, tack and machine stitch taking a 1.3cm (1/2in) seam allowance. Turn each of the ties to the right side. Reposition the long seam so that it is at the centre back of each tie, then press in place. Turn in the ends of the ties, tack then press. Machine stitch one end closed on each tie.

4  Pin the tie either side of the apron at the top. Machine stitch the ties in place. Make a second row of stitching a small distance away from the first to give the ties strength. Press the seams.

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