Tartan Heart Cushion

Make this tartan heart cushion
Make this tartan heart cushion

designed by Susan Penny

To make the cushion you will need:

2 x rectangles of blanketing or soft material 22 x 29cm (8 3⁄4 x 11 1⁄2in)
Tartan fabric for the heart motif 12 x 12cm (4 3⁄4 x 4 3⁄4in)
Perle Cotton No 5 or embroidery thread – red or a colour to match the tartan
Toy stuffing
Several strips of toning fabric 10 x 3cm (4 x 1 1/4in) – ripped not cut

To make the cushion:

1  Cut the front and back of the cushion from blanketing or soft material. You could make your cushion any shape or size to suit your fabric.

2  Download the heart trace. Cut out the trace and then pin it onto the tartan fabric. Cut out, and then pin the tartan heart onto the centre of the cushion front.

3  Thread your needle with Perle cotton or embroidery thread and then blanket stitch around the heart outline, securing it to the cushion front.

4  Place the cushion front and back together, right sides facing out, and blanket stitch the pieces together leaving a gap on one edge for stuffing. Do not finish off the embroidery thread at this point, and with the needle still threaded, stuff the cushion before continuing with the blanket stitch to close the gap. I used toy stuffing for my cushion, but you could use a cushion pad, cutting the fabric front and back to fit the pad.

5  To finish, rip several strips of fabric and then pin them onto the cushion front with a brooch. You may find it easier to mark the ripping line with a ball-point pen on the back of the fabric – the lines will then disappear when ripped. I used my lovely vintage brooch, but charity/thrift shops are always a good source of vintage jewellery.
All the instructions here are also included with the free download.

Download the FREE heart trace here

From The Handmade Blog
Out with the new and in with the old!
This project is my way of welcoming in 2014 – a new year, with new challenges and lots of new ideas. I wanted to make something that would remind me of new years past. It had to include tartan, because I have had a bit of a thing about it since spending Hogmanay in Edinburgh several years ago – the kilts were amazing, along with the pipes, Scottish reels and the hospitality. I also wanted to include some vintage blanketing, because over the past year I have grown to love it big time, and find that my workroom is stuffed with this wonderfully versatile material. The pretty red brooch was passed on to me by an elderly friend many years ago. It was already vintage, before vintage was fashionable, but somehow it found its way into ‘the stuff I used to wear but can’t get rid of drawer.’ Happy New Year from me, and I hope that if my elderly friend was still around, she would be pleased that her brooch has a new life in 2014.