Here you can find the techniques for creating this Jam Tart slice.

Starting with a knot on the WS, bring the needle out at the base of a petal. Insert the needle back into the knitting a short distance away and then come out again at the top of the petal. Make a loop with the wool, taking it behind the needle. Pull the needle out of the knitting and make a small stitch over the top of the petal to hold it in place. Lazy daisy stitches can be worked from a central point, in rows or individually.

Bring the needle and yarn out of the knitting at the point where you want the knot to be. Holding the wool taut, and with the needle pointing away from the fabric, wrap the wool around the needle several times. Insert the needle back into the knitting close to where the wool emerged. Pull up the wool to tighten the knot, and then take the needle back through to the WS of the knitting.