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[vc_message color=”alert-success” style=”rounded”]The Perfect Weekend Project[/vc_message]

I wonder if it’s World Cup frenzy or the spontaneous appearance of flags on cars and rooftops that has made me feel patriotic! Whatever inspired this project, I have just loved making this Union Jack cushion cover; everything came from my scrap bag apart from the cushion pad which cost next-to-nothing from Ikea. The best bit about this project is that my husband’s favourite shirt, worn out but much loved, has a new life as part of this trendy cushion…I love recycling …oh, and just for the record… girls outnumber boys in our household, so no, football was not the inspiration!
Download the full project here ⇒

[vc_message color=”alert-success” style=”rounded”]Pretty Teacher Presents For You To Make[/vc_message]

With the end of the school year approaching fast, I thought I would set about creating a simple and inexpensive teacher gift. These pretty pincushions take just a few minutes to make and will use up things you have in your workroom and larder.

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[vc_message color=”alert-success” style=”rounded”]Sailboat Inspired Hanging Hearts For You To Stitch[/vc_message]

Inspired by the hot days at the sea, these sailboat hearts are easy to stitch using scraps of material. If you would like your hearts to look just like mine then why not purchase our materials pack below. 
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Sailboat Materials Pack Contains:
Fabric, Ribbon and Buttons 
Easy-To-Follow Downloadable Instructions
Will make 3 Hearts
Just £3.90 plus P & P
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[vc_message color=”alert-success” style=”rounded”]Simple Handmade Gifts…and Free![/vc_message]

I have put together a couple of gift ideas that look really pretty, yet will cost you next-to-nothing to make. The jar on the left contains material scraps, buttons, pins, needles and a couple reels of thread. It could be given to anyone interested in sewing, and even a child if packed with care. The jar on the right contains an assortment of paper cupcake cases in various sizes. Both would look lovely displayed on a dresser.
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