Upcycle a zipper into a brooch

by Susan Penny

You will need:

 28inch (Heavy duty open ended zipper) – mine was plastic
6cm (2 1/4in) diameter circle of card for larger brooch; 5cm (2in) diameter circle of card for smaller brooch
Fabric to cover card circle – 10cm (4in) diameter for larger; 8cm (3in) diameter for the smaller
Brooch pins
Needle and thread

 This is what you do:

1  One zipper will make both brooches. Unzip the zipper right down to the bottom and the zipper pull will come free from one half. Cut off the plastic zipper stops at each end of the zipper and slide the pull off. Separate the two halves, and discard the zipper pull.

 2  For the smaller brooch, make a row of running stitches around the edge of the smaller circle of fabric. Wrap the fabric around the smaller circle of card and pull up the thread, before fastening securely. Do the same with the larger card and the larger circle of fabric. These covered card circles will cover the back of the brooches and hold the brooch pin.

 3  To make the smaller brooch, you will need one half of the zipper and the smaller covered card circle. Fold over one end of the zipper into a small loop, and secure with small stitches. Make a row of gathering stitches down the length of the zipper, close to the fabric edge. Pull up the thread, and wind the zipper around into tightly packed circles. Use your needle and thread to sew the circles together on the back. Sew a stack of buttons to the centre of the brooch. Place the covered card circle onto the back of the brooch so that the workings are hidden. With small, neat stitches, attach the covered card back to the coiled zipper, then stitch the brooch pin centrally to the back.

 4  For the larger brooch, sew the gathering thread down the length of the zipper, and then pull up the thread tighter than for the smaller brooch. Wind the gathered zipper around into open circles. Sew a button in the centre and then add the card back and the brooch pin.