Easy Aida Band Bracelet

Susan Penny shows you how to make this pretty cross stitched ice cream bracelet with simple chart and instructions, first choose your...
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Make some sweet Plum Chutney

Perfect Plum Chutney

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Thanks to all our Facebook Likers

Thank you SO much for all the lovely new likes on our Facebook page. We have reached an amazing 600…you are all brilliant! Please share...

How to make a Peter Pan Collar for a t shirt

Susan Penny finds a bargain top, and adds a new collar in a few simple steps. I have always loved the idea of remodeling an...

Stitch a Goldfish!

This little Susan Penny goldfish design is free!Download it here

Valentine’s Day Special…

If you have just remembered what day it is tomorrow, why not make this pretty gift bag using our FREE download, and fill it...

This Little Piggy in Cross Stitch

Susan Penny has designed this pretty cross stitch nursery rhyme for attaching to a bag, purse or pencil caseI think we can all remember...

Learn how to line a basket with fabric

Susan Penny shows you how to make a co-ordinated storage set With just a few days to go before I occupy my new work space,...

A Little Valentine’s Gift

Looking for a project to stitch with the kids as a Valentine’s Day gift? Susan Penny has designed this pretty key fob just for...

Review – Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls

Love making soft toys? Find out what Susan Penny thinks about this new book from Search Press